Meet the makers

Keith Allen

Keith's inspiration comes from the wood, where he starts with an idea and then lets the wood dictate the results. It has led to some interesting and unique items such as trinket boxes, goblets and fruit and salad bowls, small bowls with corian rims and a selection of pens in wood and corian. Keith also makes beautiful bespoke items for weddings including goblets with trapped rings.

Jo Constantine

Jo works with mixed media, combining dyed and painted fabrics with fleece and felt, embellished by hand and machine embroidery, couching, appliqué, quilting. She enjoys working with fabric and yarn using various techniques for other articles such as greetings cards, beaded and embroidered jewellery and trinket boxes.

Sarah Kay

Sarah's work is inspired by the nature which she loves and which surrounds her in Shetland. Starting first on creating an award winning garden around her home, she has progressed through to Art College and now works as an artist in Scalloway, Shetland. Flowers, shells, the sea and beach all feature strongly in Sarah's work. Her jewellery collection featured on The Isles shows the natural colours and hues of the natural world, encased in resin and mounted with silver and metal.

Jaine Mahon

Skye Silks is a handweaving and dyeing studio specialising in silk, based on a windswept croft in Dunvegan on the beautiful Isle of Skye. Taking inspiration from the ever changing colours of the landscape, the misty skies, lochs and the sea, Jaine creates elegant contemporary designs from the finest silk yarns and fabrics.

Ursula Porterfield

Ursula's hand poured pure soy wax aroma therapy candles are made on Orkney, using the power of the sun and solar panels, with the most natural products possible. Only the best organic oils and eco friendly material is used.

Liz Rickard

Liz was born in the North East of England and moved to Burray in 2012 where she now lives and works in her studio overlooking Scapa Flow. Her art is inspired by the vibrant people, traditions and landscapes of Orkney. Orkney is well known for its ever changing weather, providing changing hues to life and clothing!

Jean Tulloch

With her family roots on the island of Ronaldsay, Jean Tulloch promotes the rare breed of North Ronalsday sheep in her knitting and textile work. Using only 100% North Ronaldsay wool, spun into knitting yarns on the island, Jean uses hand and machine knitting to make her sweaters, cardigans, hats, socks, gloves and scarves in the full range of beautiful natural colours from the sheep.

Teresa Allen.

Teresa works with fused glass while combining a career in the NHS. She started her career as an artist many years ago working in the pottery industry (pot banks) as a free hand painter.  Teresa gets most of her inspiration by her  surroundings. and the amazing colours of Orkney The northern lights are a definite favourite as well as watching hares play in the fields. T

Valerie Holmes

North Weaving

Valerie's passion for weaving and her artistic use of yarns make her hand woven items much sought after. She produces a variety of hand woven items including shawls, scarves and table linen. Each step of the weaving process is carefully considered to produce beautiful and wearable items, using both locally hand spun wool and other yarns sourced from environmental producers.