About The Isles, Scotland's Secret Shop

What is The Isles?

The Isles is an online gallery for artists and crafters based on the islands of Scotland to sell their products worldwide.

It is a showcase for beautiful and unique pieces of craft, fashion, homeware and art which come from the skills and tradition of those artists and crafters.

Our ethos is not to have many of one thing, but to have a quality product from a single artist on an island. For example, we have one weaver working in silk from the Isle of Skye, one jeweller working in seashore inspired finds from Orkney.

We hope that those who love Scotland and feel drawn to the country through heritage or experience, will want to be part of helping its’ craft industries continue and thrive.


 What is the purpose?

The purpose is simple:

  • To help artists and crafters continue to display their goods and share their unique pieces with people across the world.
  • To enable people who cannot travel to the islands, the chance to own a little of Scotlands heritage, for themselves or as a gift. 


Who is involved?

  • The Isles gallery was created by Josephine Swinhoe. Jo was born in Edinburgh, went to Aberdeen University, now lives in London and has always been first and foremost, a Scot. She started the business because she loves all things Scottish, but especially the heritage, its people and tablet. She is particularly fond of Scottish tablet.