Collection: Folk Music from across the British Isles

Folk music is a genre that has its origins in the daily life of working people.

Songs which told stories of heroes, love and loss feature widely. Often the songs would have a steady rhythm which helped people in daily tasks such as weaving, marching, scything and cooking. 

Music, played on instruments was more for entertainment - for dancing and celebrations. The fiddle and many types of pipes have featured strongly in folk music. There is an exciting revival now for music which talks to the traditions of Britain and this small collection of CD's in The Isles gives musicians the opportunity to  present their art to a wider audience.

The first revival  began in the early 20th century when many people were moving from the country into the towns and cities where new industry was providing higher pay.

Ladies and gentlemen went out to the countryside making early recordings on wax cylinders and writing the words and notes of the songs in journals which they heard on their travels. Many of these collected songs have found their way into the CD's in this collection, but not all sound as they did in the early 20th Century!

We hope you enjoy these - do let us know your thoughts. 

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