Standing stones - a mystery!

Across the world we see groups of stones, standing in circles, in lines, seemingly purposeful but always a mystery. No written record exists in the way that we would think of it, and we can only piece together from artefacts and other sites, what we might believe was happening in and around these impressive stones.

There are many theories on the various standing stones in the Scottish islands, Our crafter Jo Constantine is one of those who gets their inspiration from the stones in Orkney.

This lovely hand-embroidered small linen in a hoop is inspired by the Ring of Brodgar. This is a stone circle , or henge, near Stromness on the largest island of Orkney. These rings are almost a perfect circle, not something which could have happened by accident surely?

There has never been a major archaeological dig within the ring of stones, so perhaps there are bronze age remains of wooden structures lying waiting to be found, There are certainly finds of small weapons and other artifacts neearby which point to this special place as being one of great significance to the early people of Orkney.

Whatever the reason, the mystery of the stones and their gravity defying stance is captured beautifully by Jo in her thoughtful embroidery.