An idea gone wild....

The Isles gallery was born of a wish to be somewhere else.

Perhaps a travel agency would have been more applicable, but in  March 2020, when travel was impossible, and around the block in London was as far as I got, I really wanted to be in Scotland.

My childhood is full of memories of open moors, wild seas and wonderful, warm people in Scotland. So, to while away the hours when I couldn't leave to visit Scotland, I began to browse online. 

In that online journey, I found many talented artists whose skills and crafts were hidden from view. I was impressed by the way so many used natural materials which were found on beaches. The sea is ever present and i could see its influence in so many lovely items from jewellery to knitwear. I knew I wanted to share those beautiful items with others and that is how The Isles, the online island gallery was born.

The islands have always been a source of inspiration for craftsmen, and perhaps no better shown that in beautiful buildings such as St Magnus Cathedral, in Kirkwall (pictured). This is Britain's most northerly cathedral, which was founded in 1137 by the Viking, Earl Rognavald.

I hope you enjoy browsing the aisles of The Isles! And consider purchasing a few items of island art to enjoy for yourself, at home